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Face Masks

People with hearing loss who rely on lip reading have great difficulty understanding speech when the speaker covers his or her mouth. This mask has a transparent window that allows lip reading.

It is designed for people who interact with someone with hearing loss, to facilitate better understanding and allow better integration into society.

The use of the mask is intended to reduce the spread of saliva drops while speaking, thus protecting the interlocutor. According to WHO, non-medical face masks (also known as cloth masks) can act as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus from the carrier to others.

They should cover the nose, mouth and chin and be well secured with springs behind the ears.


  • Allows lipreading
  • Comfortable, covers from nose to chin
  • Home washable and reusable
  • Removable plastic: machine washable at 60°C max.
  • Sizes: Adult or Child

Designed for people who provide a service to people with deafness, e.g. caregivers, audiologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, special education school teachers, etc. For relatives of deaf people, the elderly or children to facilitate communication and allow facial expressions to be seen. The ability to remove the plastic allows a thorough, constant and automated disinfection. Our reusable hygienic mouthpieces can be thoroughly washed and disinfected after each use. So, compared to disposable ones, they will save you money in the long run and generate less waste.

How to wash
WHO recommends washing cloth face masks at least once a day.

Remove the plastic. Put only the fabric in the washing machine with detergent at max 60 °C. Hang to dry. Do not tumble dry. Disinfect the plastic with disinfectant liquid and a cloth. When the fabric is dry, reposition the plastic and check the Velcro fasteners match.

Non-medical grade masks
Remember that the best way to avoid contagion is to respect the safety and hygiene norms established where you live. These masks are NON-MEDICAL grade or cloth masks.

When using your mask with transparent window make sure that it covers your beard, mouth and nose and that it fits well to your cheeks (no gaps) and wash it at least once a day or after each day of use.

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Locally produced
Face Masks are made in Germany.

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